Department of Foreign Languages at AGH UST in Krakow

The Department of Foreign Languages is a basic unit, one of two AGH University teaching centres, along with the Department of Physical Education and Sport. Currently there are 62 teachers of 6 languages employed in the Department.
The primary task of the Department is conducting foreign language classes and Polish (as a foreign language) classes for undergraduate and graduate students as well as thematic language classes for the AGH University Doctoral School. The Department conducts central certification exams in all taught languages at all taught levels as well as standardized certification exams in ESP at B2+ level. Certification exams can be taken by students and university staff.

History of the Department of Foreign Languages

Teaching foreign languages at AGH Univesity dates back to the origins of the University. As early as the academic year 1919/20 in the register of lectures there were extracurricular lectures in English, French, German and Russian, two hours weekly per semester. The AGH Statute from 1927 listed foreign language teachers as academic teachers, appointed by the Senate. In 1951 a separate unit named Institute of Foreign Languages ( Zakład Języków Obcych) was created to conduct foreign language classes at AGH. In 1953 under the ordinance of the Minister of Higher Education, the Institute was transformed into the Department of Foreign Languages (Studium Języków Obcych), which is the name used until today.